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New Branch in Rome


As of August 1st ,2012 Aprile has a new Branch in Rome.

Located at the Interporto Romano, just 10 minutes from "Leonardo da Vinci" Airport, the Branch can count on 300 square meters of office space adjacent to a warehouse equipped with over 1,700 square meters, which allows the direct management of major customs operations on the both  Fiumicino and Civitavecchia (customs, import and export procedures, domiciled private customs warehouse type "C", VAT warehousing, temporary imports, Intrastat mamagement), as well as handling services for importers that require assembly and distribution activities in the country.


Aprile Spa - Filiale di Roma

Via Corona Boreale 240
Interporto Romano, C1 L5 Comparto 6
00054 - Fiumicino (Roma)

Telefono:            +39 06 6507324
Telefax:               +39 06 65041634





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