Aprile Project S.p.A.

Aprile Project S.p.A , during its more than twenty-year experience in the industrial shipment field, has developed and set up an efficient organization, able to overcome any difficulties related to forwarding and transportation.

Aprile Project guarantees a quick, accurate and reliable service for any kind of cargo by any means of transport, for ordinary, extraordinary and often exceptional cargo.

Aprile Project is present in the five continents, with a consolidated network, potentially covering the whole planet by land, sea and air transportation, with branches and agents throughout the globe.

Aprile Project I.T. system manages all the steps of the transportation process, which can be easily supervised through a "Tracking and tracing Web based" service.
Our qualitative standards even exceed the international ones, and they are certified by international supervising and "quality control" companies, thus confirming our genuine talent for "customer-satisfaction".

The skills of Aprile Project experts can be highlighted not only by the ability of handling extraordinary volumes of cargo, but most of all by the ability to face and solve the most unusual and difficult problems which can occur during the "door to door" transportation.

Thanks to its established customs together with its trend to updating, our company can manage the most difficult situations during the forwarding process. For every transport we effect a specific feasibility study, in order to be able to face any logistic, organizational and managerial details related to the various transport stages.


Aprile Project belongs to a holding whose companies can offer a wide range of complementary activities requiring a high degree of experience and competence to treat them with the utmost accuracy.

Feasibility studies and accomplishment of transportations on a “door to door" basis of large industrial plants worldwide.

Forwarding by land, sea and air, transhipment coordination, warehousing and distribution.

Groupage shipments through an estensive worldwide network.

Standard and special packaging for land, sea and air shipments.

A worldwide network of offices and agents enables us to provide our customers with detailed and updated information about their shipments within 24/48 hours


Our project leaders are directly and actively involved in every step of the transport process and they are trained to analyze, plan and check the transports of large industrial plants all over the world.

This attitude has enabled us to deliver entire plants, complete with their heavy lift and
out-of-gauge components, even in areas where port and road conditions are almost primitive.




Piazza Dante 6/5
16121 Genova
Ph. +39-010-2703.1
Fax +39-010-2703.687
e-mail: info@aprileproject.it

MILANO branch
Via degli Alpini 6

20090 SEGRATE (Milano)                                                                                                                                                                 Mr. Danilo Del Vita

National Account Manager
Ph +39-02-36601624
Fax +39-010-2703557
e-mail: d.delvita@aprileproject.it

Via della Magliana, 710
00148 Roma
Dr. Raoul Cossutta
Marketing & Public Relations Executive Manager
Ph. +39-06-6519.3806
Fax +39-06-6550.224
e-mail: r.cossutta@aprileproject.it

Viale Volontari della Libertà, 18/4
33100 Udine                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mrs. Francesca Della Rossa
Ph. +39-0432-208.711
Fax +39-0432-208.710 / 010-2703690
e-mail: f.dellarossa@aprileproject.it