Aprile Track&Trace system was created preferring an open system to a turnkey one, since every client has its own specifications and  requirements. Among the main features:

  • for each of the shipments a customizable number of details can be viewed, multiple reports created both for printing and/or export to Excel.
  • for each shipment, customers can upload/download electronic documents. There is one section for client documents, one for shipper documents, and one for any agent documents.
  • client can import Packing Lists in Excel format in order to extend search capabilities  for package-related data and this area of the T&T system is designed based on the single customer needs whenever needed by adapting our program to the Packing List used.


Customers who are using the standard T&T system and already have username and password, can access Aprile T&T system through this link. For more informations and to request the system activation, please get in touch with our nearest Branch.