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About us

Aprile’s Project Cargo has been operative since 1985.

The evolution of our service has lead us to become part of the Project Team of our Customers that choose to rely on Aprile to manage their projects. This allows us to be involved in every phase of the process in real time, to foresee any possible critical situations and giving us the opportunity to intervene whenever unexpected variations to plans occur, using the same lingo, our competences, our experience and the vision of our engineering office. All of this is done with respect towards all safety regulations.

Planning, organising, communicating and reporting. Our work begins with an initial phase of study and analysis. Our engineering function performs a site visit which determines if a shipment can be carried out and its costs.

Project Managers play a key role in Aprile Projects Division and it ensures each project’s roll-out as well as coordination among clients, suppliers and all local Aprile units involved in the process. Furthermore, Aprile personnel will intervene directly with our client’s suppliers from the pre-loading phase to its planning in order to guarantee cargo specifications and conformity and to check that all pertinent documents are correct.


Our most frequently-used services include:

Feasibility Studies

Site visits and the drafting of surveys

Price Budgeting

The Dafting of Method of Statements

Modular trailers and SPMT configurations

Ships and Barge Chartering

Lifting Plans 

Ships Loading & Stowage Plans

Heavy Lift & Oversized items handling

Positioning on foundations

Air Chartering



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