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Genoa, Italy year 1974: Aprile is born.

A Land, sea and air freight forwarding company.

In 1976, our activity spread to South America:

Venezuela represented the start of a path that would gradually lead to the company’s expansion which started in South American countries, followed by Asia. Nowadays, Aprile’s strong presence is well established all around the world.

Aprile’s geographical expansion went hand in hand with the acquirement of specific Know How and the diversification of the company. In 1985, Aprile Project Spa was created as a response to the needs of the growing specialisation, dynamism and complexity of the logistics of industrial plants. Aprile Project Spa has now become a division of Aprile.

The history of the Aprile group, of its evolution and its development, is proof of a company that has always valued the needs and peculiarities of each individual client all throughout its internationalisation process. Furthermore, Aprile has always acknowledged the importance of getting to know each of the countries it operates in to favour its integration.

In October 2016 Aprile SPA became part of the Savino Del Bene Group, the largest logistics company based in Italy. Savino Del Bene is a multinational company that is well established worldwide in the field of international shipping and logistics services thanks to its network of over 270 offices and the over 4000 people it employs all around the world.

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